Omoichigai ga Koi no Tane summary:

Kurono, who works as an MR for a pharmaceutical company, was introduced to the anesthesiologist at a large hospital, Houjou, and begins to work with them, but Houjou's cold as ice attitude turns him away. Although Houjou is a challenge and doesn't quite open up, Kurono's efforts day in day out finally pay off as they end up going to a regional conference together. Just as he was thinking, 'This is a chance for us to get closer!' they end up being put in the same room, sharing the same bed, and Houjou's in a worn out kimono putting on a suggestive expression! He's clearly seducing him! But they're guys, and his partner is the stubborn anesthesiologist infamous for being cold...To sleep with him or not? What's the right answer?! This is a mature story about the interactions of a hot MR and a gorgeous anesthesiologist~

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